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            Corrugated carton packing

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            Recycling utility of heavy corrugated cartons

            Date:2017-12-08 Author:hangyupack1.testxy.com Click:

            1. environmental effects

            The heavy duty corrugated  Carton packaging as the packaging waste treatment into two types: one is directly used as industrial waste to landfill, incineration; another is the recovery, re pulping or molding; compared with a way to reduce industrial waste disposal, recycling can be used to reduce the pressure. The pollution of the environment, while reducing the demand for raw materials such as wood, save natural resources, reduce forest destruction schedule; two ways while reducing industrial waste, but also can reduce the production of raw materials demand, but the process of re production, will inevitably cause secondary pollution on the environment, especially on water while pollution, recycling, this problem does not exist.


            2. economic effect

            Economic effects include social economic effects and enterprise economic effects. Socio economic effects are aimed at countries. Recycling reduces the waste of raw materials, reduces the demand for energy, saves manpower and material resources, and reduces the pressure of environmental governance. The economic effect of enterprises is specific to the packaging manufacturers. The recycling of corrugated boxes reduces the packaging cost of products and enhances the market competitiveness of enterprises.


            3. it has four advantages:

            (1) the raw material is waste paper, including board paper, carton paper, white paper and so on, and the effect of paper generation is obvious.

            (2) it is easy to make, which is finished by pulping, adsorption molding, drying and setting, and is harmless to the environment.

            (3) it can be recycled and reused, and the loss is less.

            (4) the volume is smaller than the foamed plastic, and it can be overlapped, and the transportation is convenient.

            Pulp molded products are widely used, but more are used as industrial cushioning packages, instead of EPS buffer materials, and are developing rapidly.

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